Why call it plus-sized?

Why do we keep creating labels for women’s body sizes? A woman is either model size, “normal” size whatever that is supposed to be or plus size. Anything larger than plus-size is just considered fat I assume. Men’s bodies don’t seem to receive the same treatment unless you consider the “dad body” trend a thing.

All women’s bodies are normal for them, if you are naturally small then that’s OK and if you are naturally curvy then that’s OK too. But normalising only one body type while labeling other body types as plus-sized etc is harmful in my opinion. Women are never going to all fit into one mold no matter how hard we try. How bout we just create one label “healthy size”, “my size” or perhaps “awesome size” and be done with the whole thing.

Recently Amy Schumer came out criticising a magazine for labeling her one of their favourite “plus-sized women”. It obviously wasn’t meant as a dig but rather a celebration of her curves. However I can understand her annoyance as really Amy is “normal” size or that grey area between a “skinny” model and a “plus sized” model. While there are plenty of women that have embraced the plus size label – which is fine – my point is why do we need to give ourselves these labels at all. Can’t we just accept the fact that we are women and celebrate ourselves for our unique beauty without trying to work out which box to squeeze ourselves into.

Jennifer Lawrence spoke out when a magazine referred to her as “normal” size. She was annoyed because she worked out frequently and was on a strict diet and training schedule which wasn’t “normal” for her. Calling her “normal” isolates all women that don’t look like her into abnormal or other or in other words fat or skinny.

I guess at the end of the day it comes down to what a woman is comfortable with when it comes to referring to her own body but the problem is that young girls growing up in this environment are learning about these terms and judging their bodies accordingly. This is so dangerous as it can lead to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Until we stop judging women’s bodies so harshly and just accept our differences as just that differences, women and girls are going to continue trying to squeeze themselves into unrealistic and frankly ridiculous labels in order to try and feel “normal”.


4 thoughts on “Why call it plus-sized?

  1. I absolutely despise the concept of “plus size.” So much beyond an individual’s control contribute to her body size and shape. We don’t even know what “healthy” means anymore. Great post, I look forward to reading more from you! Care to stop by my site?(: DownWithTheNorm.com




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