To bra or not to bra

I may be a little late to this band wagon but it seems more and more women these days are ditching the shackles of their bras to ‘free-boob it’ as it were, choosing comfort over constraint these women are no longer following convention when it comes to their undergarments.

My mother has not owned a bra for the majority of her life, as a product of her 70’s era youth she followed the bra-burning generation’s lead and never looked back. Her main reasoning these days for not wearing a bra is simple though, she finds it more comfortable that way.

Maybe for her age group not wearing a bra is more common but for some reason I had assumed with my generation this was not the case. So it has been surprising for me to learn that wasn’t completely true. It has made me question why exactly I choose to wear them. For the bigger busted ladies the wearing of bras is probably more of a necessity, but for smaller boobed ladies like myself do we really need to wear them at all?

Youtube vloger Savannah Brown recently put out a video (sav’s guide to going braless) speaking about her reasons for not wearing a bra she provided tips for how women can go bra-free while still wearing the clothes they want to wear. From nipple pasties to bra-lets she discussed many of the alternative ways women can chose to dress and addressed the issue that I would mostly be worried about – how to hide the nipple. I know we are living in the free the nipple age – which I fully support by the way – but I’m not so keen on the idea of showing said nipples in certain if many environments if I can help it.

I’m still not convinced that I am going to follow the trend and get rid of my bras altogether, but I do admire the women that are choosing not to wear them. There definitely is still an expectation that women should wear bras and to not wear them is considered inappropriate by some, but really,  if men don’t have to wear them then women shouldn’t have to either –  if they don’t want to.


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