Poor millenials?

Today I leaned that millennials are one of the first generations in a long time who are destined to be less well off than their parents. How the hell is that possible when we are earning more than any previous generations ever have.
My parents met at university. The were both two of the first in their family’s to even get to Uni. University was free for them, when they left uni (debt free) they were able to travel the world and then buy a house. Still in their early twenties they were now educated, well-travelled and new home owners.
Now my parents generation are in charge, they are making all of the political decisions and royally screwing everyone else that has come along after them.
I once heard my grandparents generation  – or the WWII generation  – referred to as the last great generation – selfless, generous, kind, and noble. So if this is true what the hell happened to their children -the Baby Boomers? Were they too privileged? Were their lives too easy?
Millennials have more opportunities available to them than ever before, we are better educated, freer, and better paid. Yes we are also time poor, with limited attention spans due to the mass over stimulation of our phones, tablets, laptops and Netflix, but otherwise we should be riding high on all the blessings provided us…but we’re not.
Millennials have been referred to in the media as lazy, entitled, flakey, and spoilt. But are we really?  These claims are made despite of the fact that we are working longer hours for more money, also regardless of the fact that a single income household is now a pipe dream that most of us will never know,  and that we may not retire for  very long time once the massive population of the boomers sucks the superannuation pot dry. If we will never have houses of our own and are on track to be poorer and less secure than our parents how spoilt can we be?
I know every generation is thought of in a more negative light by the preceding one, so the negative attitude towards our group should not be that surprising, and perhaps very little stock should be placed within these opinions, but what does seem to be true is that the world in some ways seems to be going down the proverbial toilet and it is our age group that will be the ones who have to struggle to fix it.


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