The Handmaid’s warning

Just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale and I’ve been feeling the cold prickle of dread at how close we are to this horrifying future being a reality. How quickly could the hard won rights we have only had a 100 years or so to enjoy, could be ripped away from us and we become the slave race Margaret Atwood has warned us of becoming.

From Trump removing funding from planned parenthood and Russia legalising domestic violence. The war on women feels like it has begun and I for one am worried.
The past year has felt like a bizarre nightmare or strange alternate universe, every time I read a news story the facts become scarier and weirder.

But how realistic is it that Atwood’s tale becomes a reality? I think what I found so scary about her book is just how quickly and adequately women could be completely crippled and forced into servitude. First closing our bank accounts so we have no access to our money, then making it illegal for us to work therefore making us (once again) completely reliant on the men in our lives. Finally we would be stripped of our rights to choose the direction of our lives, our humanity stolen we would then be reduced to a vessel designed for baby making and little more.

As awful as this scenario sounds in some places in the world this is not that far off reality and there are many on the right that would be more than pleased with us going back to these archaic ways in the west. So is this possible and is it where we are heading? Or is this just the last stand of the far-right, white, misogynist, patriarchal conservatives? Shall we batten down the hatches or simply ride this weird little blip in history out and prepare ourselves to laugh about it later? I guess only time will tell…


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